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Waiter with Champagne Pyramid
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Chiller Trailer Hireage

Available to hire. Special rates apply.


Let us take the hassle out of ordering your supplies. Come in and see us and we can sort it all for you. We even do Sale and Return.

-Glass Hireage

We have Beer, Wine, Champagne and High Ball glassware available for hire. Deals available on hireage when purchasing your supplies through us.

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Instax camera and printers

Get your guests to capture the vibe!.

Film and batteries supplied as part of hire. 

Talk to us about your event for best options. 

-Event decor and catering 

Its the little things that count.  Style your event 

entrance, manage the crowd flow, cater for a group.

Our venues and suppliers have the expertise, and 

the supplies!  If the local venue you choose doesn't 

have what you need, one of our collaboration will.  

Let's talk today!

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