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Videos have a way to transport us right back to that moment in time.  There is nothing quite like seeing the smile of a loved one slowly burst forth into a grin or to hear the voice of a child.  Watching videos of these special moments hits us right in the feels.  Lets tell your story together by creating a wonderful highlight video of your day. 




There is only one of you, and just like you, your story is unique. Whether it be through the frozen moments of photography, or the moving memories from video, the most important thing to me is capturing and telling your story.

These captured seconds in time are what connect us back to a place, a moment and the people we love.  It is these connections that drive me as a wedding photographer.  I not only want to capture the moments for you, I want to craft an experience for you, to help you create memories that you will look back on for years to come.  

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